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Dealing with & in Rest Calls

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

I need to send this rest call in the URL with 2 parameters (The endpoint does not accept the properties in the call body)

"url": "https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/users/${arsTasks.accountName}?employeeClass=${user.employeeclass}&termDate..."yyyy-MM-dd\")}",

When Using the & for the additional parameter int the url it get changed to \u0026. The endpoint does not support this. 

When Using %26 the %26 gets passed in the URL but the end point does not support this. 



You don't need to hardcode & in URL

Rushikesh Vartak
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I have tried every combination of encoding and not encoding and the endpoint does not like the call including the following.

Failed url-https://xxxxxxxxxx/users/010134?employeeClass=EMP\u0026termDate=2020%2D01%2D01

This is the working CURL command from Postman.