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Cyberark CCP integration into Saviynt

New Contributor II
New Contributor II

Hello Folks,

I have a use case of reading password for each connection from CyberArk vault, but the catch is, if I want to use CCP instead of PVWA, how can I do it ?

As far as I know:

1. If I use SCIM based connection, I can manage objects, but cannot retrieve password.
2. If I use Connection type as CyberArk and create a new connection, I can retrieve password for AD based connectors, but in that case I will have to provide credentials of local CyberArk account in the CyberArk connection, which I want to avoid.
3. If I use rest based, I might be unable to utilize it for AD based connections.

What are the ways I can achieve my use case without manually providing direct password/credentials of a CyberArk account which has privileges to read all secrets.

Also, Is there a way to be able to pull credentials in Saviynt via CCP, store them securely in Saviynt and then refer them in the connectors ?


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @VivekTangri

Currently, this use case is only supported via PVWA where you need to provide the credentials of CyberArk account. 

To support this via CCP or Certificate based authentication, please raise an idea.


Dhruv Sharma