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New Contributor III
New Contributor III
Hi All,
We are seeing a change in behavior from the v5.5 SP3.17 to v23.
Please find attached document for details 
We are seeing the attributes in the Modification page of the Request ID page even if no value is selected during User Creation. 


We are not seeing the attributes in the Modification page of the request ID for which value is not selected. (Which is expected to behave as in v5.5)

Example: Vendor Company is an optional field during user creation, which still available as null in v5.5. Where as in v23.8 Vendor Company Field is not available in Request 

This functionality (the optional fields visible on Create User Modification page if left blank). This is an important functionality to check what had been filled by a user on the user history page and what is left blank. 
Reason as to why this functionality is important for business usage.
Given that data models and fields for different user type creations are not the same, not showing optional fields which are left blank will cause challenges with incident resolution with our L2 support.
So, we need to understand why this functionality has been removed from the current EIC v23.8 as this functionality is important for business usage. 
Can we get this feature added back in v23?
Thank you, 
Vidya D Mudagal

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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @vmudagal1 , In the 23.x version it is expected behaviour that the empty field doesn't show in the modification details.