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Could I specify a task for the Remove Account from the Action in the User Update Rule?

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor


I want to remove a specific account when a user changes departments.
Initially, I tried specifying Disable User Accounts as the Action of the User Update Rule, but the task was not created.
The reason was that the Disable Account JSON for the connection was blank.

I had already entered the Remove Account JSON, so I wanted to use it to generate the Remove Account task.
But I don't know which action to choose to achieve this with the User Update Rule.

In this case, which action should I choose to generate the Remove Account task?


Regular Contributor III
Regular Contributor III

Hi @JohnDoe ,

Select Deprovision access action in the user update rule to generate remove account task. You have to specify the endpoint. There is an option to select only account or both account and access. If you just need to revoke account then select 'Accounts Only' from the dropdown.