Contractors end date list to a manager

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we have a requirement to send the contractors list to each corresponding managers 2 weeks before their end date ,  means every manager should get a single mail with the list of his contractors reporting to him, whose end date is still 14 days left.

have anyone went through this  requirement or is it possible?




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You can use analytics to send this report. Modify the below query based on your requirement

SELECT U.username AS username ,U.firstname AS 'First Name' ,U.lastname AS 'Last Name' , AS 'User email' ,date_format(u.enddate,"%Y-%m-%d %H:%I:%S") as 'End Date',( SELECT CONCAT ( firstname ,' ' ,lastname ) FROM users WHERE U.manager = userkey ) AS 'Manager Name' ,( SELECT email FROM users WHERE U.manager = userkey ) AS 'Manager email' FROM users U WHERE u.employeetype IN ('Contractor') AND u.statuskey = 1 AND datediff(enddate, now()) = 15

thanks for the query , i modified as per my requirement , it works.

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Something to think about here is that if managers have multiple contractors with different end dates they will get frequent notifications from the system. In the past when confronted with this issue we've elected to do a once monthly (or whatever time frame makes sense) attestation to either extend or end the contractors end date. This allows for a predictable schedule and from a customer point of view they are not spammed and they can plan around these extension decisions. They can make an extension decision for all who report to them at the same time.

Hi Brandon,

even if we do contractor certification with  step1 , the manager can only select "works for me " or  "not works for me " , they can't extend or update the end date , i assume.. correct me if am wrong . 

That is correct. In the scenario I mentioned, we shifted our thinking from managing contractor lifecycle by end date (AD expiration, or contract end date from the HR system) to instead being attestation-centered.

We used scheduled attestations every 90 days to require the contractor manager to verify they still work for them, and if they said no or took no action, the default was to remove access. It's important to note that Saviynt was the source of user record for contractors in that environment. If you're sourcing from an external HR system the default event would have to include deactivating them there as well so they do not reactivate.