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Contractor to employee conversion

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hi All,

We have the below use case for contractor to employee conversion:

Use Case

  1. Both contractor and employee records flow in from Workday.
  2. When the contractor becomes an employee they get a new ID.
  3. The IAM team manually associates the contractor AD account to the employee record.
  4. The contractor record gets terminated as its not flowing in from Workday anymore.

In Saviynt if the user is flowing in as new record with new ID the technical rules will be triggered resulting in a new account creation for the same user and termination rules will be triggered for the contractor record.
Has anyone come across such requirement in any of your engagements?
I would like to know how do we maintain a single record for this conversion use case without creating a new account and termination of existing account.





Rushikesh Vartak
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Hi @rushikeshvartak,
Thanks for your response.
We have already checked this post, its has a pre-requisite that same user record should be updated in Saviynt which doesn't apply to our case.


Hi @bhushan1 

Right now there is no way we can achieve that as the standard best practise would be create new account when he changed his employee type.

You can explore of the DIM in saviynt although right now its for users only but we do have a roadmap where we want to merge accounts as well as roles but for now we dont have any solution apart from being manaully changing the acounts relation to employee user.