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Configuring the Incoming Email Server Using OAuth

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

Hi Team,

We are trying to setup the email based approval. For that we have ordered a new mailbox

Step 1- We have configured the Recieved Email as below. 

Question - Not sure on what to enter in User ID so I have kept it blank? Can we use in User ID or we need create a separate user for it?


Step 2- Confired email template as below.

Note - We have used the mailbox that we ordered in the mailto: field in email template like -


Step 3- After Approving/Rejecting from email, when we are running the Email based Approval Job (IncomingMailARSJob) job it's getting failed and hence the repose from approver is not captured by Saviynt.

Please assist.


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Thank you for reaching out to the Saviynt forums.

I would appreciate if you would refer to the below forum link which can help you with the required information. 

Additionally for your reference, I have attached a link to the documentation 


Please let us know if further information is needed on this.


Thank you Dixshant for the reply. I have followed the same documentation link to set this up. Also, been through the forums link you shared but in that they are using authentication type as basic.

I appreciate your update, however, the same document link will provide you with OAuth configuration as well.


Please let us know if further information is needed on this.

We did the configurations following the same doc but somehow that is not working for us so wanted to know is there something we are not doing right, or we missed some config.