Configuring SAV Role to access only required webservices

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We have a requirement to create a new SAV Role which will be used in custom jar to call different webservice APIs.

We created a new role and in access request provided almost all WEBSERVICES available. On checking it seems all the APIs are working as expected except below-

/api/v5/fetchTasks - returns 0 result, we tried with different TASKSTATUS

/v5/discontinueTask - returns error task not found , 401 precondition failed. - The task is availabl...

Are we supposed to assign any specific configuration in Sav role to allow access?

Just FYI, We even made it replica of ROLE_ADMIN to debug further and these two calls are still not working.

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Share postman screenshot 


discontinue Task



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Just a note, there are plenty of completed tasks in the system for AD_VPN which are completed. 

and below is the task we are trying to discontinue



Does user is owner or task or part of owner group 

No Its not part of any user group or owner.

Then user won't be able to fetch tasks or discontinue tasks. 

add user into Group /owner of tasks then he can fetch/discontinue task. Please note existing tasks won't be visible if its group , raise new tasks for same

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I tried to add user to task group, It still shows the same pre condition failure. Also, I initially made this SAV role similar to ROLE_ADMIN, and the user having admin role is not added to any of the task group, still it was able to action these tasks.

Share access list under sav role . 
did you created new request and validated ?

Hi Rushikesh,

Here is the complete list of access we have provided to this SAV Role. Also the tasks i am referring to will be processed via Jar , it will always shows owner as admin. I tried to create new request and discontinue but getting the same error





Did you provided feature access?