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Configuring Dynamic Attribute

New Contributor III
New Contributor III


I have a usecase where the enduser sees only a selected entitlements in ARS depending on its previous selection in ARS.
Like example in my case, in ARS while requesting if the user selects entitlement "Financial Systems & Reporting" then only "Admin" entitlement should show as an option to select, if the end user selects "Controllership" then "Approve" and "Submit" entitlements should only be visible and not "Admin".

I am referring to the docs "Viewing or Updating Endpoints (", but I am still not able to get it as there are too many options to follow.

Can someone break it down to me or atleast let me know which options to configure?


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi @mirani 

Please refer to the following links. They have details on how you can control the population of entitlements based on a dynamic attribute selection on your request form.

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You can add filter query in below config in EntitlementType show page

Sample: ev.customproperty1='${<dynamicAttribute1>}'



Md Armaan Zahir


Entitlement Type configuration :




Dynamic Attribute:




Rushikesh Vartak
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