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Conditionally Set SETRANDOMPASSWORD Parameter

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

We have a use case where only users within a certain cost center need to have a password generated and shared with them when the user's AD account is created. With SETRANDOMPASSWORD set to TRUE we are able to create account, generate password, and notify the user, but we do not want this to be the case for all users. This leads to 2 questions.


1. Can the SETRANDOMPASSWORD parameter be set conditionally (ie/ TRUE if in the company name needing it and FALSE for everyone else)


2. If this is possible, what is the correct format for conditionally setting the value for that parameter.




Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @Ryne_G 

We are checking into this and will keep you posted

Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @Ryne_G,

Please consult the following resources, including forum posts and documentation, for comprehensive information pertaining to the SETRANDOMPASSWORD parameter:

1. Documentation Link:
- [Configuring the Integration for Provisioning and Deprovisioning](https://docs.saviyntcloud.com/bundle/AD-v23x/page/Content/Configuring-the-Integration-for-Provisioni... )

2. Forum Post:
- Title: Solved: Unable to create account in AD with SetRandompassw...
- Forum: Saviynt Forums
- Post Number: 15669

Solved: Unable to create account in AD with SetRandompassw... - Saviynt Forums - 15669

We kindly request your review of the above materials and appreciate your prompt feedback if additional details are required on this matter.


I reviewed both the documentation and the forums post shared as well as a handful of other posts pertaining to issues with password generation for accounts. None of these resources explicitly stated that conditionally setting the setrandompassword parameter is possible or not possible. That is the first question I need answered.


If it is possible to conditionally set this parameter then I need to figure out what variables for user or account attributes should be used to determine whether setting to TRUE or FALSE. If it is not possible, then there is no follow on question.