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Conditional based mail template

New Contributor II
New Contributor II

I'm encountering an issue with a business-related use case. Here's the scenario: "If the beneficiary's Custom Property 10 is set to 'Salary', an email should be sent to notifying them that access has been added for this user."

I attempted to implement this using a condition in the "TO" field of the email template, but unfortunately, it didn't work as expected. Here's what I tried:

  1. <% if ($user?.customproperty10 == "Salary") print "" else if ($user?.customproperty10 == "Hourly") print "" %>

  2. <% if (${task?.userkey.customproperty10 == "Salary") print "" else if (${task?.userkey.customproperty10 == "Hourly") print "" %>

I also have a couple of questions:

  1. Is it necessary to format the entire email template in HTML when specifying the "TO" field in HTML form?

Will the condition written in the email template be readable at the endpoint level? Like, if we attach the conditional based email template at the endpoint level and it triggers after the completion of an "add account/access" task, will the email template detect users with Custom Property 10 set to "Salary" based on condition and send emails only to them based on this trigger?

Looking forward to your response.
Thank you!
Nikita Pawar

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Email variables change based on where email template is attached.

To get what variables are present to use in the email template, check using the below expression. By putting it in the email body, it will print all variable names with values, and then accordingly, you can use it:

${this.binding.variables.each {k,v -> println "$k = $v" + "" + "br" + ">"}}


Please confirm where email template is attached

Rushikesh Vartak
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Valued Contributor III
Valued Contributor III

@NikitaPawar_  try below

<% if (null!=user.customproperty10 && user.customproperty10 == "Salary") print "" else if (null!=user.customproperty10 && user.customproperty10 == "Hourly") print "" %>


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@NikitaPawar_ refer this post :

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Manish Kumar
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