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Comments in the User access review - reject access

Regular Contributor II
Regular Contributor II
Hi All,
We have the below requirement:
1). In the User Access Reviews when a certifier is rejecting any access for an account, they get a comment box where they can enter their comments.
See below:


2). We want that instead of the certifier manually typing their comment, they should be presented with a list of choices they can choose from.
3). Is this configurable currently in the Campaign configurations?.
4). If not how can we achieve this. This is the requirement we have. We do not want the certifiers typing in random rejection comments. We want to be able to present them a pre-defined set of rejection comments which they can choose from?
Atul Singh

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

we can't modify and add new options, it is UI form design it should be static template design . 

raise the idea in portal.

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@AS5278 This is not configurable.

Anyhow as a part of user training i suggest you have publish the help guide or training guide.

Moreover i believe this is something where manager wants to provide more detailed answer for rejection 🙂

Manish Kumar
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  • For normal access request you can have standard default comments configuration under global configuration 
  • similar functionality can he requested for access certification but it will be rubber stamping hence you can submit idea ticket as currently its not supported 

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Rushikesh Vartak
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