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Changing entitlementvalue having same entitlementid from target create new entitlement

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Connector Type: DB connector

Changing entitlementvalue having the same entitlementid from the target (DB) creates a new entitlement entry in Saviynt.

Is this expected behavior even though entitlementid is the same? Can we somehow limit this?

Expectation: The Entitlementvalue should get updated with the new value as entitlementid have not changed.

Current behaviour: New entitlement gets generated with newly updated entitlementvalue with same entitlementid.




Hi @mayankshah ,

Saviynt uses entitlement_value as reconciliation field internally while reconciling the entitlements and since you are providing new entitlement_value with same entitlement id, Saviynt creating new entitlement instead of updating existing one with same entitlement id.

Can you try to update entitlement id and keep same entitlement value, then it should update the entitlement id of existing entitlement instead of creating new.

Pandharinath Mahalle(Paddy)
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