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can I kick off the user import job by invoking IGA API?

New Contributor II
New Contributor II

Currently, we encounter an incident due to the data format change from our source db (from HR), then lead to the status of all users being inactive (statuskey = 0) when it is imported to IGA. Fortunately, our operator alerted when there are numerous remove access tasks created and restart the application times to make sure no more rule is running behind.

We want to add prevention codes to detect and stop the user import job (e.g. if no. of update > 500 then stop) or start the user import job on IGA (if number of active staff on HR = the data sent to us).

I checked there is an API for bulk upload users but it seems only valid to data file. Can we have similar API for DB connection?

POSTBulk Upload Users



You can use below api to run user import 


POSTRun Job Trigger



Rushikesh Vartak
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