Campaign expiry job not found under attestation

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Has campaign expiry job been removed from the later versions? We are on 3.14 and I don see campaign expiry job under attestation as a result of which the campaigns are not expiring.





It should be available even post upgrade to latest patch. Please open FD ticket.



Campaign Expiry

Campaigns have an end date that apply to all the certifications within a campaign. When the end date reaches and the Expire Attestation based on End Date (ATTESTATIONEXPIREDJOB) job is run for the campaign, the campaign expires and all the certifications within the campaign also expire.

The campaign administrators can extend the end date of a campaign after which the key stakeholders are notified of changes through email. A new Edit button has been introduced in the campaign list page to enable campaign owners to modify Campaign End date, Reminder Email Templates (Only for Reminder emails not sent) and Reminder Email interval (Only for the reminders not sent) fields. When Campaign End date is updated, the end date of all the certifications in the campaign is automatically updated. The campaign table is updated when Reminder Email Templates (Only for Reminder emails not sent) and Reminder Email interval (only for the reminders not sent) are updated. When a modified campaign is saved, a confirmation message is displayed.

Available Actions on Overdue Campaigns- Certifications of a campaign are marked overdue (displayed as OverDue) if no action is taken for the campaign till it reaches the end date. However, overdue certifications can still be actioned by certifiers until the campaign expires.


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