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Best Practice on assigning unassigned SAP Roles / Profiles from S/4 HANA to users in Saviynt

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

Hello everybody,

we received the feedback for the S/4 HANA connector, that unassigned SAP Roles or profiles are not imported into Saviynt (see this forum entry ). What is the advice on the "best practice" if we want to firstly assign one of those roles / profiles to a user in Saviynt? Does the assigment need to happen in the S/4 in a manual manner or is there a best practice within Saviynt?

Thank you for the feedback!



You need to assign all possible entitlements to dummy account to make it reconcile into saviynt

Rushikesh Vartak
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Hello @rushikeshvartak ,

does that imply that we need to have a dummy account in the S/4 all the time which also gets any newly created SAP roles / profiles assigned so that they are requestable in Saviynt?

Shouldn't that be mentioned in the documentation if that is best practice? And doesn't that create a lot of manual work in the S/4 for the administator?

Thanks for your feedback!