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Azure AD Connector Account Import

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor


Is there a way to import the accountowners.owneruserkey using the ACCOUNT_ATTRIBUTES JSON in the Azure AD Connector? We would like to map the Manager Field in Azure AD with the account owner field in Saviynt.

Also would like to know if we could have a value defaulted, For eg: The accountype attribute to be defaulted to "Guest Account" during the account imports.





ACCOUNT_ATTRIBUTES  can be used to update account attributes. but for AAD Group CP14 & CP15 is used for owner information.

For Constant use below syntax 

"customproperty12": "#CONST#Guest Account~#~char",

Rushikesh Vartak
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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hello @umang28,

If you want to override the default mappings, you need to provide custom mappings under ACCOUNT_ATTRIBUTES as shown below

"customproperty1":"First Name",
"customproperty2":"Employee ID",
"customproperty3":"Last Name",
"customproperty5":"Mobile Phone"

Also ensure that the attributes being mapped are also referenced under ACCOUNT_IMPORT_FIELDS as these will form the query parameters in your import call.

Btw which attribute are you using to import the Manager value from Azure AD ?

By Default, the UserType AzureAD attribute is available under customproperty8 in Saviynt as "Guest" for Guest Users. If you want to explicitly map that to the AccountType attribute you could use the mapping as shared in the above example. 

If you want to use a custom/constant value, you can try what @rushikeshvartak has suggested.



Avinash Chhetri

Yes, I used the same way to add my custom fields. However, the question was more on how to hard code a value in the ACCOUNT_ATTRIBUTE JSON which Rushikesh has given the solution for. Agreed another option is to map the userType as "Guest" but wanted to know if custom/constant values were possible.

Basically I was looking to import the Manager field and wanting to map it to the account owner which does not come under the accounts table but rather the accountowners. Attaching a screenshot where is it possible to add users as "Owner Name" and Rank as "Primary Certifier" during account import?

If this is not possible the only way is to either manually add users via the UI or manually upload accounts using a data file? 


This is not possible with atleast the AzureAD connector.

You might want to explore it with a REST connector to import manager value but mapping it with the owner field could be a challenge.



Avinash Chhetri

Thanks! Appreciate your responses.



This is not possible with Azure AD OOTB connector. You can map the Azure attributes to Saviynt accounts attributes only. 


I am trying to override the default mappings , i have used the JSON similar to the one mentioned on the document too, and yet i am not able to import all the account attributes required, can you please share the JSON