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Azure AD ACCOUNT_FILTER does not filter

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

I'm trying to use a simple filter when importing accounts from Azure AD with OOB connector.

I want to import only accounts from certain company which is populated in companyName attribute in Azure AD.

Filter is : startswith(companyName,'Company name') and when it is defined, no account is imported. It filters all accounts with or wihtout companyName attribute populated in Azure AD.

Connection does work since it imports all accounts when there is no filter defined, but with filter, nothing is imported and there is for sure companyName attribute populated in Azure AD.

Attribute companyName is defined in ACCOUNT_IMPORT_FIELDS, and mapping is defined in ACCOUNT_ATTRIBUTES field on connection, and on top of that, this company name is succesfully imported and populated on custom property on account when imported without filter defined.


New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Update on previous post, filter does work when filtering based on userPrinicipalName, but does not when filtering based on companyName.

Is that column you are fetching from target

Rushikesh Vartak
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Yes, this is column in AzureAD which is the target, or in this case the source.