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Azure Account Status not sync with target

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Regular Contributor

Hi team,

we have used OOTB azure connector for accounts import, it imports account fine and for status config we use following JSON. the status of accounts is not getting suspended when they have been removed from azure target application.

"statusAndThresholdConfig": {
"accountThresholdValue": 100,
"appAccountThresholdValue": 50,
"correlateInactiveAccounts": true,
"inactivateAccountsNotInFile": false,
"statusColumn": "customproperty10",
"activeStatus": ["true"],
"deleteLinks": false

Can anyone please comment on below,

  1. why the account which we can't see in azure target is still marked as active in saviynt.
  2. whether this status configuration only happens with full import job run and not incremental, and if job fails for some accounts are all other accounts are not updated as part of import.




@AtrayeeDutta few points to be validated :

1. Are you Customizing the Account Attribute Mapping?

2. activeStatus: Specify all possible values that indicate the active status of the accounts in the target application. All accounts that do not have these status values are marked as inactive.

From Release v23.2 onwards, if you do not specify status values in activeStatus configuration, all accounts that were imported are marked as active.

3. During incremental import, the connector does not perform the account threshold check.

4. If an error occurs during the account import,

    • The connector evaluates the status of newly imported and existing accounts and updates the status based on the value specified in the statusColumn attribute.

    • The connector does not update the status of accounts that are missed or failed to import, and does not delete the account-entitlement mappings.

Manish Kumar
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