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Associated Entitlement Task

New Contributor III
New Contributor III


I have added an entitlement Y from Endpoint B as Associated Entitlement to Entitlement X in Endpoint A.

So when a user requests for Entitlement X from endpoint A, entitlement Y from endpoint B should also be assigned to the user.

Now, when I am raising the request for Entitlement X, the provisioning task for Entitlement X is getting created but it is not created for entitlement Y.

It this the expected behaviour, and when task is completed will the entitlement Y also assigned to the user?

Please let me know how to implement above functionality?




Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

@dkumar  Please refer to Adding Associated Entitlement section of

Associated entitlement is also assigned to the user however the tasks will not be visible on the UI. Once the provisioning job runs, the associated entitlements also should be assigned to the user. If you want a task to be created, please use 'Entitlement Map' feature in the Other Entitlement Details. You have configs to enable tasks creations, approvals etc.