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Assistance required on Campaigns

New Contributor
New Contributor

Please clarify the below points on Campaigns

1. We need to launch a campaign for the users whose last login is more than 180 days in Active directory.

assistance required how /where to use the the query for this requirement 

2. End date config calendar in Saviynt :  We have a requirement to launch a campaign for contractors to extend their Identity.

Here we have selected the extended end days as 180 days.

The requirement is like below

We need to extend 180 days from the enddate (not the current day)

In the below screenshot the enddate is 23rd sep , we need to extend 180 days from  23rd Sep .

Here need to display the calendar for each user as per his/her enddate .

Is it possible ? 


The calender show 


3.   Does not work for me - does it change line manager in EC & AD ?

While doing certification , if the certifier has selected Does not work for me and select another user as Line manger , in this dose the LM will change in Employee Central and In AD?

Please clarify as soon as possible

Thanks in Advance 

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1. You can do using below config 



2. No it wont be possible however you can limit maximum days



3. You can create rule for this to pass information in target applications

Rushikesh Vartak
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