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Approval Workflow and Provisioning Trigger from AD to Exchange Endpoint

New Contributor II
New Contributor II


We have a requirement where while requesting for AD generic accounts (configured as service accounts in Saviynt)  , user can also select whether the mailbox is needed or not for that generic account. When the user selects the mailbox needed option as YES, request should go to the O365 Team for approval. The approval workflow is like (Line Manager->If Mailbox needed is yes then O365 Team) . The requirement is to create AD account as soon as Line Manager approves the request. The AD account creation should not have any dependency on the O365 Team’s approval. If O365 Team approves the request then the mailbox creation should trigger.

We can have “If Mailbox needed” attribute as a dynamic attribute on Service Account Request Form. We can also use this in workflow to route it to O365 team’s approval.

We need help with below :

  1. How can we trigger New Account Task for AD Service Account  as soon as Manager approves it without waiting for O365 Team’s approval.
  2. Once O365 Team approves the request, how to trigger mailbox provisioning as it will require provisioning of Exchange endpoint.

Any assistance with this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee


If you are planning to have the O365 Mailbox creation as an entitlement then you can configure a parallel workflow with the manager and entitlement owner approvals. Once the manager's approval is completed, the new account task gets created.
if the O365 Mailbox is just a dynamic attribute, then you can use the if-else condition in the workflow and route the approval accordingly