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API User Management

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hello Everyone,

We have the following Questions about API User which we didn't found useful information in Support portal regarding the API User.

1. What is the impact, if we disable the API users in Saviynt?

2. Does Account Lockout (Incorrect attempts) & Password policies (age, expiry) applies to API User ?If yes ,how to manage them?

3. Are the Password Policy for User applies both to Normal User and API user ?

Any insights on the above queries are much appreciated.

Thank you.


  1. Disabling API users in Saviynt can impact any automated processes or integrations relying on those API users. It could disrupt functionality or data flows depending on how extensively they're used.

  2. Account lockout due to incorrect attempts and password policies like age and expiry can indeed apply to API users. To manage them, you'd typically configure these policies within the Saviynt platform itself under password policy for user scope.

  3. Yes, password policies typically apply to both normal users and API users unless specifically configured otherwise. You'd want to ensure that your password policies cover all user types for security reasons. 

    Here is an article for Saviynt API best practices:




Rushikesh Vartak
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