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API call is not showing all the Details

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

Hi Team,

Wanted to know is there any way to see the API call details along with the data which is sending from Saviynt to Target system.
Ex: We have Workday_SOAP connector type and we did not have option to add showlogs:true and while the Call  is hitting to the target system we are not able to see anything in the logs like what data it is passing to the target system and what is the exact response which is coming from app side. 

Is there any way to enable the showlogs:true for Workday_SOAP and REST based connectors?

and we have a config # debugenabledforconnectors=true which we can set in the, this configuration will enable the high level logging for all the connector types or for only few  connectors?



Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @AravindK 

Could you please check and confirm the below.

1. Have you tried from SOAP UI and data is being retrieved as expected from the SOAP UI?

2. Are you able to connect from the Workday connection? 

3. Have you setup the connection parameters properly?

Please refer to the documentation and validate things step by step Workday Integration Overview (

There is no extra configuration for extra logging in workday connector and what you see in the logs should be the available debug logs. 

Let us know if you have further questions.


Dhruv Sharma

New Contributor II
New Contributor II

Hi @AravindK 

You need to use below JSON in the ConfigJSON parameter in order to enable the detailed logs for REST based connectors.

"showLogs": true