Analytics Email Template - User Update Form URL

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We are working on creating an analytic which will send an email to the users manager when a users customproperty11 is blank. 

In the email template, we want to include a direct link to the page, 'update user request'. So that way the managers read the email, they can click on the link and they will be directly sent to where they need to update the customproperty11 value (on the users update page). This would imply they skip clicking on the update user request tile, as well as skipping where they need to search for the user. The URL would have the capability to directly open to the specific users update page.

Does anyone know if creating this link is possible? If so, do you have a sample url we can try to test out? 

Thanks in advance! 


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi Stephen,

This is currently not possible. The URL which is present after selecting the user is as below -


The above URL is a generic URL and there is no way to pick the user dynamically. Hence it is not supported.

Alternate Solution -

Hence, the only option for the manager is to send them to the user's list page by using the below URL. The manager would have to select the user and then proceed further with the update.

URL for list page -


Can you try the above and check?