All role owner approval email in comma separated format in To: field of email template

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Hi Team,

We are using  role owner approval in step two of workflow. And in that workflow we have attached the email template to trigger the notification to all the approvers for that role. In To: field of the email template we are using variable To : ${} which triggers the separate email to all the approvers.

What we want the if a role has two approvers Approver1 and Approver2 then only one email should be triggred to both the approvers and in To field the email IDs of both the approvers should be mentioned in comma sepated format so that all approver knows that who all have recieved this approval email and they are not the only one who is responsible for approving this role request.


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @vermark 

Currently this is not supported. There is similar idea already posted on the ideas portal. Please vote for this idea to be considered by the product team. Alternatively, you can create a new idea in portal for this to be considered in future releases.