Adding entitlements conditionally in a technical rule?

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New Contributor III

I have a technical rule for the 'Joiner Process - New Employee Hire' use case. In the rule, an account is created in on-premises AD, enable remote mailbox is executed using the WinPS connector, and an Enterprise Role is assigned to the account.

How can I add entitlements for the user in AD based on the user's region? I'm asking because there's no conditions in the action section of a technical rule. And I want the entitlements to be added after the AD account is created. How do I do something like this:

if (user.region == 'Africa')
Assign Group::CN=Africa_Group,OU=Test,OU=COM
if (user.region == 'Canada' or user.region = 'America')
Assign Group::CN=NAs,OU=Test,OU=COM
if (user.region == 'Europe')
Assign Group::CN=Europe,OU=Test,OU=COM


Refer example 2 from below link


Your region name should same as group then you can do below in action


Hi Rushikesh,

Cant we have if else in technical rules to manage a bit complex use case where region name is not exactly same as user's reqion.
Example.: User's Location is New Delhi and group name is cn=NDLS,OU=Test,OU=com