Add IF Else Condition in the To part of Email Templates

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In the email template, to address I need to write conditional logic where a particular group suppose should be notified with email only if the requestor raises the request for those entitlements that starts with ERP.


I had tried below expression in to part part but the email is not triggering.


<% if (entitlement_value in ('ERP_BAC_Analytics','ERP_ABC_Analytics','ERP_XYZ_Analytics') and (entitlementtypekey=25 and status=1)) print "" %>


This above expression is throwing the below error:

{"log":"2022-09-01 14:56:56,152 [quartzScheduler_Worker-3] ERROR services.ArsTaskService - Error while sending email - Failed to parse template script (your template may contain an error or be trying to use expressions not currently supported): startup failed:\n","stream":"stdout","time":"2022-09-01T14:56:56.152328562Z"}


Can any one please suggest how can I acheive it?

NOTE: I am triggering this email in the ENDPOINT level for Add Access and Task completion.



Can you try below



Hi rushikesh,

I tried with your given query but the mail is not triggering.

The below way I tried in To part of email.

<% if ${entitlement_values.collect{it.toString()}.toListString().replaceAll('\\[|\\]','').startsWith('ERP_')} print ""%>

Can you please help me out with any other alternative approach.

<% if (entitlement.replaceAll('\\[|\\]','').contains('ERP_')) print ""%>






Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee


We can only use groovy/string functions and methods in email templates. 'IN' is not a function/method for groovy/java which is why you see the message.

Use a method like contains.

Sahaj Ranajee
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New Contributor III

Hi Sahaj,

Can you please suggest for the requirement what function should we use?


Did you tried solution shared above?