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Add hyperlink in dynamic attribute for Create User Request form.

Regular Contributor II
Regular Contributor II

Hi Team,

We need to add hyperlink in Create User Request form as dynamic attribute.

  • Solution Tried:
    1. Tried adding hyperlink Access Agreement.<a href=""> Access Agreement</a> in Label section of dynamic attribute.
    2. Tried adding the attribute label value using update query.
    update endpoint_attributes set ATTRIBUTELABLE ='Access Agreement.<a href=\"\"> Access Agreement</a>' where endpoint_attributeskey = 49;

  • Observed Behavior:
    1. Received error on saving the dynamic attribute and Running Query from Job Control Panel.
    2. Denied due to pattern \u003cA\\b\\s*(.*)\u003e , value= UPDATE ENDPOINT_ATTRIBUTES SET ATTRIBUTELABLE ='ACCESS AGREEMENT.\\\u003cA HREF=\\\"HTTPS://WWW.GOOGLE.COM\\\"\\\u003e ACCESS AGREEMENT\\\u003c/A\\\u003e' WHERE ENDPOINT_ATTRIBUTESKEY = 49;\n","stream":"stdout","time":"2023-06-26T10:41:44.586424744Z"}
  • Expected Behavior:
    Label showing as Access Agreement. with hyperlink to mentioned link.
  • Reference Link:


Thanks and Regards,

Hitesh Sapkota



There is already an enhancement request in the ideas portal

Also below comment in one of the post

Already raised a ticket in FD and Saviynt team replied as below:


"Unfortunately, based on feedback from the Product team, we won't be able to support Hyperlinks in Dynamic attributes due to certain security issues. Regret the inconvenience.  For any such information and directions on how to achieve something like this, forums would be your ideal way to approach. Saviynt Support is to help address break fix issues and determine defects. After the discussion with our PM team, it was brought to our attention that this is not recommended and that we are not supposed to make any changes via backend for dynamic attributes. This is not supported in v5.5SP3.12 and later versions. The solution is to not use hyperlinks in Dynamic Attributes as this use case is not supported. If you still insist on wanting to use Dynamic Attributes with Hyperlinks, please log this in the Ideas portal here - "

Devang Gandhi
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Regular Contributor II
Regular Contributor II

Hi @dgandhi ,

I am able to add hyperlink to Create User Request form. Please follow below steps:

1. Go to Admin > Settings > File Directory > Views  and Edit 


2. Add the below div section after this in the gsp file


<div class="col-md-12">
<div class="row">
<div class="col-md-12">
<h3 class="form-section grp_RoleDescription">Click on <a href="" target="_blank">Access Agreement</a> </h3>

3. Save the GSP file and then restart your system.

4. The Hyperlink should look like below in your Create User Request Form.


Here, we are adding hyperlink after all the dynamic attributes are populated.


Hitesh Sapkota