AD - Endpoints Filter Nested Child Groups Membership to Child Endpoints


Version Used: Saviynt v2020.1.2

We have the AD based applications and we have configured the applications as parent child relationship using endpoint filter. The accounts for the child application are imported based on AD groups.

The nested child groups are imported under a parent group in the Parent Endpoint. 

Issue : Parent Child Relationship of Entitlements is not getting imported to Child Endpoints ( mentioned in Endpoints Filter)

FD # 1536698

Example :

Group P1 having Child Group as C1 & C2 

This mapping is getting pulled in Parent Endpoint But same is not getting pulled whenever we use Endpoints filter for child endpoints, 

Question : Is there any configuration available to pull child group membership in child endpoint ?


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Can you try mentioned group c1 & c2 as part the endpoint filter? That should work

Hi @NikhilGuptaSav 

That is workaround but not acceptable solution as client does not wants nested group to show directly and it won’t be user friendly.

2nd Administrator is User Group which default provided by Microsoft having 2 nested group we don’t want to touch built in nested group structure 

client having 1 parent to child group mapping min 100+ 

Hello, @rushikeshvartak

I am having the same problem you described.

Did you find a solution for this problem or got any type for clarification regarding it?

Best Regards,

Tiago Ferreira

Saviynt Confirmed over ticket that its missing feature 

That's unfortuned. So the only solution would be manually adding the child entitlements in the endpoint_filters field?

Also did they give you any information about when would such feature be implemented?

Best Regards,

Tiago Ferreira