AD - CreateAccountJson problem with Name and Display

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New Contributor

Hi, here is a copy of our json createaccountjson for AD.  When Saviynt creates the user in AD the name and displayname send the value as their username (sAMAccountName) instead of their first and last name.

Any idea of what else can be wrong, missing or need to be changed?

Thanks in advance

"accountExpires": "0",
"cn": "${cn}",
"department": "${user.departmentname}",
"displayname": "${user.firstname} ${user.lastname}",
"employeenumber": "${user.employeeid}",
"employeetype": "${user.employeeType}",
"givenName": "${user.firstname}",
"l": "${}",
"mail": "${}",
"name": "${user.firstname} ${user.lastname}",
"objectClass": [
"physicaldeliveryofficename": "${user.location}",
"pwdLastSet": "0",
"sAMAccountName": "${task.accountName}",
"sn": "${user.lastname}",
"streetAddress": "${user.street}",
"title": "${user.title}",


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

@JasBel You have mapped accountname to sAMAccountName. What do you want to update in sAMAccountName?

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@vivekmohanty_pm thank you for the reply.  sAMAccountName is alright it's only the name and displayname value that we need to have the first and last name but Saviynt keeps sending the value as the sAMAccountName instead of first and last name.

Would you have any clue?

Thank you in advance.

"name": "${user.firstname.concat(' ').concat(user.lastname)}",


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

@JasBel Just try what Rushikesh has suggested. And if possible share the create account debug logs. I can take a look at it.


Can you try with below mapping in createaccountjson 

1. In Case the display name contains complete details try below

"name": "${user.displayname}",

2. In case not then :

"name": "${user.firstname.concat(' ').concat(user.lastname)}"

Manish Kumar

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New Contributor

Hi, none of this worked. Even if I changed name to: "name": "${user.firstname.concat(' ').concat(user.lastname)}" we are still getting the sAMAccountName in the name field over AD.

Could this be coming from the ACCOUNTNAMERULE? Here is what we have there: CN=${task.accountName},CN=Users,DC=domain,DC=com

The task.accountName is what we use to create the sAMAccountName so if I change this for the first name and last name will it work you think?

Thank you again for your help with this.

You can change and try