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Active Directory provisioning job-Pending task

New Contributor
New Contributor


Hi Team

I'm running the ActiveDirectory provisioning job to complete the pending task

But the job is not picking the pending task.

There were no changes done recently.

I want to understand, What might be the reason behind it.








Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hello @Puspanjali,

Some of the things you can check are

1) Try and test the connection to ensure it is still working/valid.

2) Ensure the security system is configured correctly, connection is attached under Provisioning Connection, Automated Provisioning set etc.

3)Ensure your Provisioning triggers has the correct security system referenced, validate if the Advanced tab has not been configured to pick up any specific tasktype or taskkey.

If all the above are set correctly, share the logs from the provisioning run.


Avinash Chhetri

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

the job god stuck if there is any account having same attributes. First check on accounts and if there is duplicate make it unique. Discontinue old task as it contains the same request information and when triggering job will not pickup. Then try do cp49 update to trigger the update task and run the job will fix the issue