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Actionable analytics not getting picked

New Contributor II
New Contributor II

Hi Everyone ,

We have three actionable analytics for which we have three runallanalytics jobs to run , but we want to run these three analytics jobs to run in a sequence .So , we are trying to run these jobs through trigger chain job but when we run the job it is completing successfully but not at all picking up any data .

So , Then I tried to run these jobs independently (not through trigger chain) but then the analytics is picking up data sometimes and creating default tasks as mentioned in query but sometimes it its not, if we run 10 times manually its only creating tasks for 2 times (approximate).

Note : I have enabled Execute Default Action for Analytics check box to create tasks by default.

Any Suggestions/Solutions are appreciated. Thanks in Advance.



@Nagateja_K  can you sequence in trigger chain and try it.

1.Try change sequence trigger chain and chekc it

2.still issue try schedule jobs individually and chek it

3. some time auto uncheck without anyone interrupt Execute Default Action for Analytics check it

Did you try individual job schedule

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Please share JOB configuration screenshot and logs

Rushikesh Vartak
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