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Account to be enabled in future date from Saviynt in AD

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Hello Team , 

We have one requirement where , a joiner entry will be onboarded into Saviynt with start date attribute say future dated. E.g. A joiner entry created in Saviynt on 1st Jan with join date on 15th Jan. We want to create the account in AD on 1st Jan on disabled state and enable the account on their start date i.e. 15th Jan here.

How to achieve this thing. Please suggest.



You can create actionable report to achieve this

Rushikesh Vartak
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Hi @Diptansu1 ,

1. Put if-else condition in CreateAccount JSON for userAccountControl field. If start date is future date then keep "userAccountControl": "514" and if is past or current date then" userAccountControl": "512".

2. Create SavAsSav and validated the conditions like user is active and start date is equal to sysdate and AD account is in Inactive state then updated one of the user's custom property.

3. Create Update rule with action enabled AD account and trigger that rule on above custom property updating.

Pandharinath Mahalle(Paddy)
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This can be achieved with combination of pre-processing and Sav to Sav

1. Create AD account in Disable state

2. From the import happens , the date of activation needs to be stored in of the users CP(CP1)

3. Run SAV to SAV which will compare CP1 with Current date

4. If it matches then update CP1 with Activate_Account

5. Write user update rule , if Cp1 is updated and Cp1 like '%Activate_Account' then Enabled the AD account.

6. In Sav to Sav , you can wipe off the Cp1 value once the account is active.



Devang Gandhi
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