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Account object not working under custom assignment module of workflow

New Contributor
New Contributor

Hi All,

I am trying to implement a workflow using custom assignment module of workflow. Within the custom assignment module the type selected is custom query. 

Within the module I'm trying to fetch the accountkey of the account for which I'm submitting the modify request. In order to fetch the same I tried using ${},${accounts.accountkey},${},${account.accountkey} but saviynt is unable to resolve any of the above. The help section says that the correct object name is accounts but it is not working.

Can someone share the correct object name?

Query: select case when TIMESTAMPDIFF(day, customproperty1,current_timestamp()) > 90 then 5 else 6 end as userkey from accounts where accountkey = ${}

If i use the accountkey explicitly the workflow is working as expected so the only help needed is sharing the object name.

Note: We have configured the workflow in such a way that only modify, enable account requests will be routed to this block so account already not existing within saviynt would never be the scenario.






Join ars_requests and request_access 

request_access table will have accountkey

Rushikesh Vartak
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Hi Rushikesh,

I cannot find accountkey field in the table. Please see below the screenshot from data analyzer. Also On trying to fetch value of "accountkey" from request_access table return error unknown column "accountkey".

Please see below the screenshot for the same.



If request is for account then accountkey will be stored in ACCESSKEY

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