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Account Name in the Entitlement Type Filter

New Contributor
New Contributor

Appreciate any help on this;

I am trying to filter out the requestable Entitlements based on the selection of account. What is the binding variable to be used in this case

I am using

ev.customproperty1=(select customproperty1 from Accounts where name=(${account_name}))

I am giving the above query in "Config for Requestable Entitlements" under Entitlement Type but is says that dynamic attribute doesn't exist in the endpoint, where as when we give something like ${requestee}), it takes in even though it's not a dynamic attribute but a real time value from the form. Similarly can we also pull account name info into the query 


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @varuneniganti ,

You will have to pull in the account name info into a dynamic attribute and use that variable in Config for Requestable Entitlements.

Only ${requestee} and ${requestor} variable is supported OOTB.




Thanks, but even to pull the account name into one of the dynamic attribute, what is the variable to use.

Like, if user has 2 accounts on an endpoint, when he tries to modify his access on one of the account, how can we have that selected account name in the dynamic attribute.

Hope you got where I am leading to.


You can show both option on single select dropdown and let user select it.

Rushikesh Vartak
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Thanks Rushikesh,

But that still doesn't guarantee that selected account from My Access page is the same as the one user selected in the drop down on form.

Let's say User has Type 1 and Type 2 Accounts, and if I show them in the dropdown. User can select Type 2 Account from My Access page and still choose Type 1 from the drop down. 

Is there a way to pull the account name (account that user selects from My Access) into the dynamic attribute?


Hi @varuneniganti ,

Can you try using the below query in the dynamic attribute?

select distinct a.accounttype as ID from accounts a, user_accounts ua where a.accountkey=ua.accountkey and ua.userkey=${requestee}

Screenshot 2024-03-07 at 12.34.18 AM.png 



Post creating the above Dynamic Attribute -

  • Populate the entitlements customproperty with the Account Type Value.
  • So suppose we populate customproperty1 of the Entitlement named 'TEST' with the Acccount Type value 'Privileged'
  • Now using the Config for Requestable Entitlement in ARS under entitlement types you can call and check if the customproperty1 of the Entitlement matches with the above Dynamic Attribute.
  • The query would look something like this -
ev.customproperty1 = '${Test}'

'Test' in the above query is the name of your dynamic attribute.