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access import Job is failing

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hi Rushi,

I am also facing the issue not same but related, I am trying to import group from 3 diff OUs and I passed that in groupSearchBaseDN as comma separated but the access import Job is failing and log is showing only this 

job_group:DATA, trigger_name:EHC_AD_ACCESS_Full_IMPORT, trigger_group:GRAILS_JOBS, next_fire_time:4070945700000, CRON_EXPRESSION:0 15 10 * * ? 2099, TRIGGER_STATE:WAITING, SAVRESPONSE:Failed to import one or more object types. Check the Job Log Details page for more information., prev_fire_time:2024-05-14 08:19:56.0]"

There is nothing in Job Log Details, Any solution?



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Could you kindly provide a detailed snapshot of the information extracted from the logs, encompassing errors and other pertinent functionality details encountered during the execution of this process? Your assistance in furnishing this information would greatly aid in the analysis and resolution of any issues .

Rushikesh Vartak
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