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SC 2.0 server failover process

How long does it take for a SC 2.0 server to be out of service before Saviynt fails over to the backup server?Our Saviynt SC 2.0 server did not failover to our backup even after 10 mins of our main SC 2.0 server being down.If you can point to some do...

PRATYUSH1 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Data recovery in Saviynt

We are running a custom query in Saviynt to delete all user and account data in Saviynt following a period of time  after user's end date. We wanted to know if there is any way to:1. Reset the Saviynt instance to a previous point in time.2. Restore u...

PRATYUSH1 by New Contributor II
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DataBase Connector

Hello!My question here is that, can we connect a local MySQL database to our Saviynt EIC as a connection?And if yes then how can we configure it?If no then how can I configure a Database Connector?I have gone through Saviynt Documents but no success ...

Mirani03 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Pop-Up error in AD Group Management

Hi All,We have tested on AD Group creation and it's working fine with ROLE_ADMIN access but when I test only with ROLE_ENDUSER access it's giving a pop-up error at Child Group and Parent Group page - ARS > Create AD Group > Fill all the AD Group requ...

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Saviynt Analytics API max limit value

Hi Team ,Hi Team,We need to fetch all records from the analytics API in a single API call, but we observed that the {{url}}/ECM/{{path}}/fetchRuntimeControlsDataV2 API has a maximum response limit of 500.Could you please let us know if we can increas...

sbidarkote by New Contributor II
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Resolved! List view rather than tiles

Is there a way to switch to a list view rather than seeing the tiles?  This could be for any selection area, but mainly focusing on Entitlements.  Instead of having just a tile with little information, having a list that the person could select the i...

Resolved! Mask user fields to hide PII details

Hi All,We need to hide few User Attributes which contains PII details like (social security number (SSN), passport number, driver's license number) to  meet controls.Could you please let me know, how we can achieve this?Regards

tej2099 by New Contributor III
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