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Regular Contributor III

This is just a general feedback on the quality of documentation.

The documentation is poor and has lots of ambiguities and missing information. The documentation should provide complete information concisely.


For example the docs on the below link regarding uploading of roles states:

"ROLE OWNER: Specify the name of the owner for the role."

What do you mean by 'name'?
firstname? lastname? fullname? username? systemusername?
It should explicitly state that it should be username. There's no field called name in Saviynt. This is a technical document, why the use of vague ambiguous terms?

How to form the csv if multiple owners are there? Add them on same line with a comma or do we add new line for each owner? This is not stated.

Again for "Role Type" it says:
"Specify the type of role being created. For example, Enterprise."
Why are you giving an example here, you should provide all the allowed values for the role type. If there are 5 types of roles allowed in the csv update then state all those five types, make the documentation complete. Do you want the developers/users to do hit and trials if they want to upload other types of roles?

Same issue with rest of the fields, SOX CRITICAL/RISK, list down all the allowed values in the correct case that can be put in the csv.


This is not something specific to the above page only, but is a common issue I have felt with the entire docs. Some times it feels like the person writing the docs has just opened the UI and is describing whatever is visible adding no useful information.

Another example regarding enterprise role request query : 

On this page only one example is given, when instead the documentation should first list down all the exposed variables/tables that can be used in these queries. And details about those variables and then should jump into examples. There is no page which has this information.
It mentions {currentUser} but doesn't tell what this exposes, yes from the query you can tell it exposes logged in user's id, or maybe the person you're requesting for? what properties does this object have? Guess what, you'll have to do hit and trial.

I know the 'complete' list of such variables/objects can be huge but it's like you're not even trying.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @yogesh - Thank you for your feedback! We are always looking for ways that we can improve and exceed our customers expectations. I have alerted the Documentation team about your post.

As we are getting into the weekend, I would expect a reply and follow-up by next Monday. Thank you for letting us know your thoughts concerning the documentation. 


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hello @yogesh 

Thank you for sharing your feedback on the forum and via the Documentation Portal.

We are currently revising our documentation and publishing incremental updates on the new Documentation Portal.

We will update these topics based on your feedback and notify you as soon as the revised copy is available.