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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee


Use case: 
Application Role workflow with two levels of approval: User's manager then Role Owner
If role owner is submitting the request for someone, then skip BOTH levels of approvals.
If Role owner is requesting, Saviynt skips the second level automatically, but we have to use if-else block to skip the first manager approval. I have tried many conditions to no avail, tried some conditions as-it-is from the docs but they don't work either:
entitlement.getOwnerRank1().contains(user.username) eq true    -- as it is from docs, doesn't work
role.getOwnerRank1().contains(user.username) eq true           -- as it is from docs, doesn't work
(entitlement.entowners == null) or (entitlement.entowners.size() == 0 )      -- as it is from docs, doesn't work
entitlement.allowner.contains(requestedBy.username)       -- got from forums also doesnt work
entitlement.getOwnerRank1().contains(user.username)       -- doesn't work, got this from a forum thread
Ask from the customer:
The variable exposing the Role owners and the variable exposing the Requestor, and then compare them, but not able to get this basic use case working. The conditions/variables mentioned in the docs are not working


Please use expression language as groovy for the condition: role.getOwnerRank1().contains(user.username) eq true 
Also please check with below conditions :

role.getOwnerRank1().size() eq 0
role.ownerRank1 == null
role.ownerRank1.size() == 0
Regular Contributor III
Regular Contributor III

I tried on v2021 and below code works for me:

role.getOwnerRank1() however does not. Seems this method is not supported in v2021 as the workflow fails to create a request ID if this is used in Workflow. Saviynt should test this internally and update the documentation accordingly.


Its always better you link KB with forum link , as this will give more idea on debugging done over forum post


If possible, can Saviynt incorporate help guide with supported variable list.

I still see the same old values which most of time does not serve all the purpose

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