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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee


We have a type of user called B2BUsers, for which there are 5 target applications to which they can be provisioned to.
Each target application has a separate B2BADmin, who can create a B2BUser 9User registration Form in Saviynt) and based on the SAV role the admin has, we have to give them options to enter the application related attributes too in the Form and create user.
Since there are 5 applications, attributes related to the applications totally comes to 20, which will consume all our customproperties (Other Customproperies are used bu Full-Time and Contractor users which is already Live in Prod).
Is there any way to reduce the no. of custom properties that is being consumed, or if it is possible to map the values retrieved from the user registration form to backend account attributes , so that we can stop storing account related attributes in User profile.



Please try using Dynamic attributes, refer to following document for more details :

 Refer to section :

Show the Attribute Values to the Requestor Based on their User Profile

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