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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee


Connection type: REST
Application name - Ex: Ariba
Requirement : It is a ticket-based Provisioning application, when user request Ariba application it should not create ticket in target and the task status should be auto complete in Saviynt.
and if user has Ariba App and when user status is inactive in Saviynt then the ticket must create in target.  
Task is getting created for inactive user in Saviynt below is the ERROR 
    ERROR: Below is the same error we see in task and logs


We tried keeping the Json's(i.e.,TicketJSON) in CreateTicketJSON/TicketStatusJSON to generate ticket number when user gets inactive.
The JSON in CreateAccountJSON - It helps to auto complete the task status when user requests the Ariba Application and it works
And in Security System we have added the Connection name in both Provisioning Connection and Service Desk Connection. This is not the correct way to add ticketing connection in Both Service Desk Connection and Provisioning Connection but this use case can be achieved and the auto completion of status for Create user worked.




This can be achieved using the following CreateTicket JSON

"call": [{
"name": "call1",
"connection": "userAuth",
"url": "URL",
"httpMethod": "POST",
"httpParams": "{\"ServiceName\":\"SR_LogServiceRequestCatalog\", \"objCommonParameters\":{\"_ProxyDetails\":{\"UserName\":\"<Username>\",\"OrgID\":\"1\",\"ReturnType\":\"JSON\",\"Password\":\"<password>\",\"ProxyID\":0, \"TokenID\":\"\"},\"SR_TicketParame\":{\"ServiceCatalogID\":\"1\",\"ServiceCatalogName\":\"Adobe/Nitro Request\",\"Instance\": \"IT\",\"RequesterEmailID\":\"${}\",\"SRRemarks\":\"Request to ${if(task.tasktype==2){'Remove Account in ' + endpoint?.displayName+' Application<br>UserName:' + user?.username + '<br>DisplayName :' + user?.displayname } else if(task.tasktype==14){'Disable Account in ' + endpoint?.displayName+' Application<br>UserName:' + user?.username + '<br>DisplayName :' + user?.displayname }}\"}}}",
"httpContentType": "application/json",
"ticketidPath": "TicketNo",
"successResponses": {
"Message": "Successfully saved the service request."

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