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From release v5.5SP3.15 and v23.1 onwards, Saviynt blocks the concurrent execution of certain conflicting jobs to prevent job failures. If you select a conflicting job type in the Create Trigger page, EIC displays an alert indicating that the job may be blocked (Example Below):


1. You can execute only one instance of the following jobs at a time:

  • User Import via a Connection (UserImportJob)

  • Users Import (Complete) from Database (UserImportFullJob)

  • Users Import (Incremental) from Database (UserImportIncrementalJob)

  • File based Users Import (SchemaUserJob)

  • SOD Evaluation (RiskSODEvaluationJob)

Application Data Import (Multi Threaded) and Application Data Import (Single Threaded) are also conflicting in nature if associated to the same security system.

Recommendation: It is recommended to review the current job schedules before creating a trigger of above types to avoid any job failures.

2. The concurrent execution of these UserImport jobs is controlled through the Block Concurrent execution of UserImport jobs setting in Global Configurations. By default, this configuration is enabled. 

Recommendation: It is recommended not to disable this setting as you might import same set of users from multiple sources, thereby causing the job to fail. Disable this config, only if distinct user sets (eg Employees and Vendors) needs to be imported concurrently.

3. If you initiate multiple instances of conflicting jobs, then EIC:

  • Blocks the second instance and updates the job status as Failure in the Job History Details page.

  • Sends an email notification indicating the reason for failure to the user that triggered the job.

Recommendation: Check the job history details page to find out the conflicting job. Once the conflicting job is identified, review the job schedules and edit the job trigger accordingly.



Note: This behavior is also applicable to Trigger Chains. 

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Thanks for the post! How can I prevent a REST connector's job to go time-out?

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Regular Contributor

@Naz_A  there are 2 ways you can prevent.

1.) attach the email template to specific connection , so the OOB functionality will alert you if the connection fails or the jobs related to the connection fails .

2.) create a report which can monitor the status of  REST job from backend and if that fails or runs more that specific mins then send email to operation team.

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