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Saviynt Employee

Over time, v2 Analytics results can build up and cause outages due lack of space on the Elasticsearch nodes that handle the v2 Analytics. In order to mitigate this risk, we recommend taking the following actions.

Analytic Control Settings

When creating or editing an Analytic control, please configure the following settings:

  • Number of History to Keep - Set this to the maximum number of past runs you need immediate access to. We recommend around 5.
    • This setting will cause Saviynt to delete the oldest histories from Elasticsearch when there are more than the number that is set.
    • Setting this to "0" behaves the same as disabling the setting and will not limit the number of histories.
  • Enable Archival - Set this to "On"
    • This setting causes Saviynt to save an archive of histories before they are deleted by "Number of History to Keep". The archive is stored in Saviynt and not on Elasticsearch.


When the Enable Archival setting is enabled, the archived reports can be downloaded from the archival page found on the specific control's run history page:





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