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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee


1. when we are creating  AAD group and assign the owner , for which endpoint we are trying to create AAD group under that same endpoint owners AAD account also should be present.
2. In this case you are trying to create AAD group under AZURE AD application Group management endpoint. But under this endpoint AAD account for the user whom you are trying to assign as owner (ABCD) is not present.
3. Below example for reference : 
owner : ABCD , this user has AAD account under AZUREAD endpoint which is the primary endpoint. But his account is not present under AZUREAD application Group management endpoint which is the endpoint where you are trying to create group.


You can make use of anyone approach among the below.
Use the primary AAD endpoint to create AAD group by updating AZUREAD connection with CreateGroupJSON. As all the AAD accounts and access are already present in this endpoint assign owner should work as expected.
Reconcile the AAD account under AzureAD application Group management endpoint (you can test by reconciling 1 account and try to assign that user as group owner. I have updated the AzureAD application Group management  connection with ACCOUNT_FILTER  please check) and try to assign owner to the group.

Product Version : 5.5.SP3.11

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