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Integration with Oracle HCM (authoritative source) via REST API

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New Contributor


Looking for following information on how Saviynt can be integrated with Oracle HCM via REST API:

  1. Any examples of sample using Oracle HCM Worker API or any other API that was useful in getting employee information from Oracle HCM into Saviynt. 
  2. Any examples of how information from Atom Feeds can be imported in Saviynt? Can the following response structure be parsed in the OOTB REST connector? 
    Context": [ {
      "PrimaryPhoneNumber": "<Primary work phone number>",
      "PersonId": "<Person Id>",
      "PersonName": "<Full display name>",
      "EffectiveStartDate": "<Effective start date>",
      "EffectiveDate" : "<Effective date of update",
      "WorkerType" : "Worker type>",
      "PeriodType" : "<Period type>",
      "PersonNumber": "<Person number>",
      "WorkEmail": "<Work email>",
      "DMLOperation" : "<INSERT | UPDATE | DELETE>"
     } ],
    "Changed Attributes": [{
      "<archive attribute1>": {
        "old": "<old value>",
        "new": "<new value>"
    }, {
      "<archive attribute2>": {
        "old": "<old value>",
        "new": "<new value>"
    "FlexFields" : [ {
      "FlexFieldCode" : "<Flexfield code>",
      "ContextCode" : "<Flexfield context code>",
      "Changed Attributes" : [ {
        "<archive attribute3>" : {
          "old" : "<old value>",
          "new" : "<new value>"
    } ]

Appreciate any information you can share.

Thank you!


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New Contributor

Hi @pranalig,
Were you able to integrate?
Even I am trying to setup HCM with Saviynt as user source.
Any insights would be appreciated.

Bhushan Jejurkar

New Contributor
New Contributor

@ pranalig Did you get some solution for your requirement. We also have similar requirement.