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Best way to handle multiple disconnected application

New Contributor
New Contributor

We are looking for the best ways to handle 50+ disconnected applications.

Also is there a better way than schema imports as .sav files have other challenges?


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @sandeepsingh 

Could you elaborate more on your requirement? If you want to quickly onboard disconnected applications into Saviynt, you can use the Application Onboarding and Management feature to quickly set up applications. Please find documentation for same below:

Let me know your exact use case to help you better.


The provided information is good but this has lots of manual steps for uploading data to Saviynt. We are looking to import the data in an automated way (Note: csv file we already have it in Saviynt standard format). Also putting it in the file directory of Saviynt is again a job for Saviynt admins and running .sav without keeping the file uploaded history (which file was loaded, e.g.: today/yesterday/a year back). So looking for a solution where app owners can send/keep the details and Saviynt can pick it up and load.