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API support to create and update user type dynamic attributes?

Regular Contributor III
Regular Contributor III
Currently it is not possible to create or update user dynamic attributes via saviynt API. Can it be added as an enhancement in future?
API supports fetching of user dynamic attributes by setting "requesttype" : ["USER"] but creation and update request returns an error: 
    "securitysystem""securitysystem cannot be null or blank",
Currently only way to migrate user dynamic attributes from one Saviynt env. to other is to manually and painfully create each an every attribute from UI. 
API support will greatly increase the productivity and turnaround time.

Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee


Thank you for the suggestion. We would suggest to submit this as a ticket directly via the Freshdesk portal and have the Support team help with creating an Enhancement Request for the same.


Sahaj Ranajee
Sr. Product Specialist