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Introducing Single Sign-On for Saviynt online resources!

Community Manager
Community Manager

We're pleased to announce that we've started implementing Single Sign-On at, starting with the Saviynt Community Forums.

Single Sign-On will allow you to access online resources from Saviynt using a single user account, making it easy for you to navigate between our various online resources with ease. 


sso login.png

To register, simply select the Sign up now link under the sign in button. 

If your organization provides you with a corporate Google Account or Microsoft Account, you can login with one of those accounts by selecting them at the bottom. 

Important: Not all organizations will allow you to use your Google Account or Microsoft Account to login to third-party websites, such as the Saviynt Community Forums. If you run in to an error message saying that you don't have permission, then you will need to create an account using the Sign up now link.

Please Note: Registration for a Saviynt account is currently limited to existing Customers and Partners only. If you are an existing Customer or Partner, but are unable to login due to an error message alerting you to this limitation, please reach out to the email address on that error message for assistance. 

While we're starting this with the Community Forums, we plan to roll this out to our Documentation Portal, Support Portal Ideas Website, and many more. Information will be posted on the Saviynt Community Forums as it becomes available.