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Content from Previous Forums Platform

Community Manager
Community Manager


We've heard from a few of you that you're wondering where the content from the old forums is located now that we've moved to this new platform. I wanted to let you know our plans for bringing that content to our new forums. 

We had planned to sort through all the old posts, review all of them to make sure that there is no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in any of the posts (or any other sensitive information for either your company or Saviynt), and move all the posts to their new respective board category over time.

However, we can see that there is significant interest in getting access to this content right away, so here is our plan for getting you access to that content as quickly as possible. 

Starting today, you can access the old Community Forums content in our Legacy Forums section.

However, you must be logged in to our new community in-order to access it. This will keep the content from being indexed by search engines or being widely available publicly until we are able to review all of it. 

After logging in to the Saviynt Community Forums, you can utilize the search functionality to find the content you wish to see. Please note - if you search before logging in, you will not see the Legacy Forum posts in your results. You MUST login first before using the search functionality

Please note - All of the content from the Legacy Posts section is Read Only. You will not be able to reply to any of the threads. If you would like to continue the discussion on the topic, please start a new thread and link to the Legacy Post in your new topic. 

Also, any posts that you see from the Community_User user account is a post from one of you that has been brought over from the old community to the new community. Because we implemented SSO, we weren't able to migrate over the user accounts that were linked with the posts, so they will all appear posted from the Community_User account. 

Finally, not all content has been migrated over. Our first migration took place on approximately April 1st 2022. Because of this, posts made after this date still need to be moved over. We just received the export today, and we plan to have this completed in the next couple days. 

We will update this announcement when we have additional information to share. 

Thank you for your patience!